Our Services

All of our services are local to Camden, Gloucester and Burlington Counties in Southern New Jersey.

Do you need a toilet fixed?

A new kitchen faucet installed?

Do you want a second sink or dual showerhead?

From an insta-hot feature in the kitchen or a new laundry tub let us take care of the job to get it done right. We will install your fixture to your tastes, you pick it out, or we can. If you bought one, we will put it in.

We can install a small fixture or add new plumbing to an entre new bathroom.

Ask about installation and replacement specials.

Fixing a running toilet

Albert Panetta Plumbing and Drain cleaning has the ability to help with even the most complicated jobs.

We are experienced and skilled with replacing or repairing a sewer line.

We also repair and replace water services.

We take care of your plumbing coming in, going out, and anywhere in between. If you have an issue with your outgoing sewers or input pipes, give us a call and we will help you understand what is going on, pinpoint the issue and get it fixed for you.


We can fix your sewer line

We Replace, Maintain and Install Water heaters.

Industrial, Mini, Multi, Standard water heaters, or tankless water heaters we can get the job done.

Having proper settings, filtration and maintenance is very important to your energy use and you home’s well being. We also install scald protectors and high efficiency machines so you can get a better energy star rating.

Water heaters should be replaced every 15 years! How long has it been? Let’s start saving on your energy bills and water. Check it off of your list, call today!


Water Heater Installations & Removals

End those annoying drain clogs today!

Give us a call, we can take care of that quickly for you. You have better things to do than wait for the sink or tub to drain out every time.

If, by chance you have a more pressing drain issue, toilets backing up or indoor/outdoor sump pumps, call us. We will clear any drain for you, and get your pipes back to flowing clear.

drain cleaner

drain cleaning services


clear drains and clogs

Fixing leaks and Pipe replacements are our specialty. We can help you find a leak, and fix it.

It may be just a quick weld or a new joint but we can do it quickly. Leaks can be harmful to your home and to your family, but you can count on us to repair them.

We can send a state of the art camera through the line to see what is going on before we open anything. You’ll get a real view of the issue and an accurate estimate.

We are often available for emergencies as well, call if your pipes freeze, burst or start spraying & we will try our best to help!

fix leak


leaky pipe

fix your leaks